About Me

Thank you for allowing me to help you invest in your fresh start. As a prior US Navy Hospital Corpsman, I have seen and interracted with tens of thousands of patients dealing with the same concerns you are.


Type 2 no longer fits a stereotype in our society– based on our environmental exposures and early lifestyle habits, anyone can be susceptible to this chronic issue. However, everyone is also more than capable of taking control of their recent diagnosis.

My philosophy is that it takes everyone a lifetime to get to their current health state, and it will take a lifestyle to change it for good. I believe that medications are a head start, but should never be the first and only option– and the best plan is to avoid invasive procedures in the future. That’s why I created this page- by tackling the basics of Type 2 from four main directions, you can begin to increase your health and vitality again.

By combining efforts to reduce stress, increase energy, get fit and eat healthy, your body will be more than happy to give you more freedom than you have ever enjoyed. That is why I choose to be a patient advocate, educator and wellness coach no matter what my official title may ever be. I believe that by teaching individuals how to help themselves, a cycle will be started of awareness and proactive shifts.

The amount of literature and opinions out there is staggering– I think that by giving people basic tools, the rest will come with time. That’s why I call this blog Type2Basics, and my motto is to keep it simple so you can make it fit your life for the long term.

Congratulations on taking this amazing step in your education and wellbeing.


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